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NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Challenge 2007

(Crossposted to dlgood)

As I did each of the last three years, once again, I'll be hosting a free - for pride only - NCAA Men's Basketball Bracket on ESPN.com. Let's find out if we'll get someone new, or if it'll be a repeat by last year's winner, hjcallipygian.

For those wishing to participate follow these easy steps:

1. Go to ESPN's Tournament Challenge page
2. If you do not have a free, ESPN Games ID, create an ID.
3. Join the group LJ Bracket Challenge and create an entry
4. Mock me and my crazy picks.

Note: The team listed as Control Bracket is simply an entry I've added in which the favored seed (not the Vegas favorite) was selected to win every game. For the purposes of seeing how our upsets deviate from expectations.

Group Name: LJ Bracket Challenge
Password: 123456
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